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What does wellness mean to you?

Written by Flavia Giardino

When people think of wellness, they sometimes relate to an ideal state in which the physical body and mind are in perfect health and balance. However, we all seem to be rushing through our days, not having much time to look after ourselves. We are often too busy, too stressed to make wellness a priority in our lives.

We as human beings are constantly faced with choices. To make ourselves, our health, our happiness and our connection with nature a priority, we need to practice daily mindfulness.

By definition, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing on one’s awareness on the present moment. Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions is a powerful way to minimise stress. When you are focusing your attention on what is happening in whatever you are doing, it allows you to be in full control of your present actions, enabling you to handle difficult situations in a better way.

For me wellness means listening to my body, paying attention to my thoughts and feelings, and practising self-care. I know that taking the time to look after yourself seems like a luxury. We are either time poor or money poor so we feel guilt around putting ourselves first. We can get so caught up with work and the stuff we need to do that we forget to live.

Moved By Wellness is about making these simple changes in your life like being aware of your feelings and emotions, eating nutritious foods, practising self-care, and living a life that fills you with joy and contentment, every single day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what does wellness mean to you.

About the author

Flavia Giardino

Journalist, wellness enthusiast + nutritional medicine student. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge of the principles of life and living. After being diagnosed with several food allergies, I have changed my lifestyle completely and have been experimenting new plant-based recipes, which are featured in the recipes section of this blog.

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