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Chocolate Bliss Balls

chocolate bliss balls
Written by Flavia Giardino

If you are after a healthy snack, you need to make a batch of these! Chocolate Bliss Balls are not only healthy, but they are also a great energy booster. They are packed with antioxidants, protein and magnesium, which bring some awesome health benefits.

I must say that I love trying new recipes like this. Especially because it helps me achieve my daily nutrient levels. And since I cut refined sugar from my diet, these sweet little snacks work a treat.

To make the chocolate bliss balls, you will need a food processor, a mix of nuts of your preference – for this recipe I used almonds, cashews and macadamias, plus pitted Medjool dates, raw cacao powder, nut butter (it can be either almond or peanut), chia seeds and shredded coconut.

I prefer using natural, organic ingredients that won’t have the added preservatives, sugar, syrups, etc. in it. After all, we are trying to make a delicious, guilt-free snack that you can enjoy at any time of day.

One tip for the ingredients to mix well together is to process the nuts first and then add all of the other ingredients. Once they are all mixed through, I add a tiny bit of water to make the dough a little smoother. When you finish processing it, roll the mixture into tablespoon sized balls and cover with shredded coconut.

You can store the bliss balls in an airtight container for up to one month in the freezer, or the fridge for one week.

Chocolate Bliss Balls
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  • 1 cup of mixed nuts (almond, cashews and macadamias)
  • 7 units of Medjool dates
  • 1 tbs nut butter (almond or peanut)
  • 2 tbs raw cacao powder
  • 1 tbs chia seed
  • shredded coconut for the topping


  1. Add the nuts into a food processor and blend. Once the nuts are crushed, add the remaining ingredients and mix until it turns into a paste.
  2. Roll into tablespoon sized balls and cover with shredded coconut.
  3. Store in an airtight container for up to a week in the fridge or one month in the freezer.

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Flavia Giardino

Journalist, wellness enthusiast + nutritional medicine student. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge of the principles of life and living. After being diagnosed with several food allergies, I have changed my lifestyle completely and have been experimenting new plant-based recipes, which are featured in the recipes section of this blog.

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