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Written by Flavia Giardino

When I started my nutrition course, the first class I had was on the topic of professional self-awareness. That was so crazy because I had just spent two months in India immersed in an ashram just focused on studying Vedanta philosophy, which answers the fundamental questions of life.

I remember sitting in that class, trying to take it all in whilst thinking that what was happening, wasn’t just coincidence. It was as if one of those external forces was telling that I was meant to be there.

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or luck. There is always the right time for everything.

While my lecturer was discussing the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness as a practitioner, giving all the different definitions and theories around these topics, I was just amazed by how much those practices were so present in my life.

I know that in theory, everything sounds so great. But when you try to put things into practice, sometimes you get frustrated. It is really hard to change our habits. We always tend to pursue the easier routes, not thinking that it can be very bad for us in the end.

Every experience we have, either good or bad, is a lesson we need to learn. During that moment, when I was sitting in that class, I was sure that I was finally pursuing the right path towards something that was so meaningful and important in my life.

I was unhappy with my work for a long time. And after spending many years building a career in PR and marketing, going back to study a 3+ year degree was not an easy decision.

The only thing I knew was that I needed to do something more meaningful than what I was doing. I saw myself in a very negative mindset, which was hard to switch off. Gladly, I got to a point in which I couldn’t continue any longer. I had to move away from my routine if I wanted to change, so I decided to go to India and embark on this journey towards my self-development.

I was studying Vedanta philosophy for some time already, but I wasn’t practising much of what I was learning. It does take a lot of strength to overcome our habits and desires. I spent so many years of my life pursuing instant happiness moments. I used to believe that happiness is in the outside world. That happiness comes from things and experiences. When we have things we want, we are happy. But when we don’t have them, we are unhappy.

This is why mindfulness is so important. It is about being aware of your thoughts and feelings. Being focused on the present moment not only helps you increase your self-awareness but also improves your productivity. And when you are more productive, you are happier because you feel you are accomplishing more.

When I started practising mindfulness in the morning, my day would flow so well. And whenever I felt agitated or stressed, I realised it was on the days I skipped my morning practice. Yes, I won’t say that I’m practising it every day. But I do feel such a big difference in my days when I wake up at 4.30am, do my meditation, read a Vedanta book or watch the online lectures. That is the time when I can just care for myself and deal with the problems that are occupying my mind.

They say that for you to be able to help others, you need to help yourself first. Not only self-awareness and self-care are essential for our personal growth, but also for helping us see gratitude in our life. It feels so good when you can clear your mind and let things go. Once we are able to be genuinely grateful and appreciate the things we have in our life, it can help us reconnect with our true self in a mindful and meaningful way.

Here are some of my favourite apps to bring mindfulness moments to your everyday life:

Insight Timer



The Free Mindfulness Project

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